Cherub smile; reminiscent of childhood, sunshine, laughter, trees, running across meadows, lying on the grass, staring up at blue skies, littered with cotton clouds. Imagining shapes, whispering conversations, sometimes a giggle or a smirk. 

Heartbreaking tears; lashing storms, shrouded by smog, cries, gnarled stumps, falling amongst sharp stones, dried grass that prick, no rest. Terrified of dark shapes, silence, whimpers or sobs. 

You, my sister, my soul, the keeper of my conscience; you bind me as I crack, hold me as I heal, dance as I shine. You, my best friend, knower of secrets, bearer of worries, deliverer from the abyss! You, my dearest, angelic, divine, boon of the Lord! 

Till you live, I shall not be forgotten; nor shall I ever blaspheme so blackly, forget remembrance, of what avail is such a temporary illusory thing as a mere memory, before your impression, that has left its searing mark upon my soul?



Birthday girl, I repeat this every year, I recite it so that it becomes a holy chant, I cherish it; this flood of gratitude, this unadulterated love, we’re more, and our journey is aimed at higher superlatives. Every day, is your day, Our Day, but today is a special day, because not so long ago, the Universe thought about another child, born on a cold winter evening, it thought, that this little one, despite his flaws, needs a sister. A guiding light in a chaotic world. It tested me for worthiness, and made me wait for many years. Some gifts are worth the wait. You, far exceeded that worth, making me want to work hard, to live up to that deservedness. This day, is a momentous day of thanksgiving, to know that we will grow up together, to have you by my side.

Happy Birthday, dearest sister! May God grant you the patience, to put up with me, because believe me you will have to do it forever! Sempiternal: always eternal! 🙂


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