DisclaimerThis post happened despite the fact that WordPress makes pathetic mobile apps that delete all your saved work.

Infinite bubbles, arrayed on strings, densely packed. Within each bubble, an infinite expanse, studded with star stuff, spaces, nebulae, galaxies. Billions of stars, galaxies, clusters, and unimaginable planets. Planets, both habitable and observable, covered in swirling gases, filled with celestial liquids, peppered with mineral clusters. Barren, many, breathing in some. So many, many we won’t see, ever, like those long lost islands that sank in myth, or those that’ll form long after our eyes cannot see.

Teeming with life, with shades that defy the spectrum, moving and fixed, skeleton, exoskeleton, wings, claws, nails, hair, flesh.. The sheer variety, a silent resistance to computability. Breathing, dormant, powerful, subtle, everything imaginable and beyond.

Pushed, shoved into a single blob made of an unrecognisable soup, there it remains as an expression of a fundamental Singularity. The universe, shrunk into two roads, two fingers, split, beckoning. A binary, calling for the split of a unary. That’s how it is, the cusp of a decision.

“Choose, you have a choice, you can decide…”

“I cannot, my decision is made, it is already fixed, there are no choices, your offer of free will is a deception, you give me the satisfaction, but Ancient One, Janus; I know you deceive, even your two heads, are held by one body!”

“Then, what is it that you know?”

“There are no decisions, there are no choices, I do what is inherent in me.”

“What is left?”

“The doing, the acting, the implementing”

A smile, a singular expression on an enigma, a welcome, and a realignment.

The blob splits with the sigh of relief. It forms another illusory binary, still tempting, still offering some farcical options. The universe expands, into more roads and splits, it is the only way it can exist. To offer more illusions, to sustain its own life.

The bubbles expand, never bursting, just tinkling against each other, forming a haunting song.


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