Countless units of time; measured by ticking clock hands, tumbling counters, flashing displays; have flowed past in rapid succession. Within that flow, immeasurable breaths have been drawn, incalculable thoughts have been conceived, and a million moments have been lived.

Sighing, he looked up again, arrayed against the wall, hundreds of clocks, oscillating, fixed, ticking, flashing. All his life spent in measuring time, everything related to time; except perhaps living in it. This time, another gust of forced breath, as if the rhythm of his respiration measured those seconds, even his body responded in temporal units, measured pulse, calculated blinks…

What is he doing? Is he waiting for someone? How long has he been like this?

Finally he stirs, all the movements compress into a singular harmony, and they all converge into one action. Then..

They stop..

All of space contracts in one rapid movement, before any movement, moment, or thought could spark, they crumble into an atomic dot. It shimmers with light, there is no watch, watcher, or time. Nothing. Pure oblivion.

A gap in time, an incalculably unimaginable state of Existence.

It cracks, and the dense dot explodes, and time escapes the clutches of gravity, it crashes like waves on a shore, only it never retreats, it flows and floods, till there is no beach.

The watcher materialises again, unchanged, as if he was always there, watching.

He looks up, and sighs, doomed to witness this cosmic chase, trapped by existence. Hoping, ardently wishing, fervently praying; for a never ending unimaginable hiatus.


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